Enrico Evers Appointed as Head of Sales at RED Aircraft


RED Aircraft GmbH announces Enrico Evers as the new Head of Sales and Customer Support. With his extensive experience of over 30 years, in both aircraft and sales, Enrico is ideally placed to help make RED Aircraft engines a success in the worldwide aviation market.

Enrico has a diverse portfolio when it comes to aviation. He was the master dealer for the Beech Aircraft Company in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, and has occupied other prestigious roles in Cessna, Piper, and Raytheon, where he was awarded ‘Legion of Honor’ in 1996. His position within Red Aircraft will be to highlight and market the benefits that this revolutionary new engine brings on a global scale.

Enrico’s most recent position was as Sales Director for Continental Aerospace Technologies, a company well established in aircraft propulsion technology. His role within the business was the sale of all products and services offered by Continental in both general and business aviation.

Enrico’s enthusiasm is deep-rooted and personal. He holds both EASA and FAA pilot’s ratings along with his professional appointments. He has worked as a flight instructor with over 2000 hours of flight time to date.

In a statement following his appointment, Enrico said: – “I look forward to helping make the Red Aircraft engines a success in the aviation market. These engines are the absolute “top of the bill” in their class; powerful, reliable and will reduce the cost of flying thanks to the low fuel consumption and lower fuel prices of Jet-A(1).”

Red Aircraft are specialists in producing high-performance aero engines. The RED A03 engine offers significant advantages in performance and maintenance costs. It is ideal as a ‘green’ solution as the aviation industry reduces its carbon footprint. It offers significant fuel savings and increased range. The RED A03 engine is both EASA and FAA approved.

With his considerable sales experience, passion for aviation, and real-world, hands-on experience of flying, Enrico perfectly placed to promote the benefits of the Red A03 engine to the global market.

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