British Airways’ newly refurbished 777-200 take to skies


Customers flying British Airways from the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman can now experience the airline’s very latest seats and cabins following the complete refit of 40% of its Boeing 777-200 fleet, which frequently serve the GCC routes.

A multi-million Pound investment sees 18 of British Airways’ 46 Boeing 777-200 aircraft fitted with a new First cabin, new World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins and the airline’s latest Thales inflight entertainment system.

Paolo De Renzis, Area Commercial Manager Middle East & Central Asia, said, «The refurbishment of our aircraft is another one of our investments to improve the passenger experience, which is at the centre of everything we do. This modern and ambitious refit is part of our £5bn investment plan, and will allow customers flying on our Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Manama, and Doha routes to see smarter cabins and new technologies.»

«Our GCC customers are very important to us and we are pleased that they will able to enjoy the very best travel experience British Airways has to offer,» he added.

It takes British Airways’ Cardiff-based engineers, at the airline’s Welsh maintenance base, approximately a month, or 5,700 man hours, to carefully remove a 777’s old seats and interiors and replace them with the airline’s very latest cabins.

Each aircraft also had a staggering 13 kilometres of wiring removed and new fibre optic cables installed to power the new inflight entertainment system. New widescreens have been fitted in Club World and customers flying on these refitted Boeing 777-200s can now also experience the airline’s sophisticated new First cabin. New seats and cabins in World Traveller Plus and World Traveller, feature the latest cushioning technology and in-seat power sockets.

The Thales in-flight entertainment system offers over 700 hours of movies, TV and music options on demand; that’s more than 230 TV programmes, 70 films and 400 CDs – providing customers with 50% more choice on movies and doubling the range of TV and music options, as well as plug and play technology.

Each cabin also gets bigger, high-resolution widescreens. Customers in World Traveller will be able to watch TV and films on 35% larger video touchscreens (now 8.9 inches); in World Traveller Plus they are 60% larger (now 10.6 inches); Club World widescreens increase by 16.3% (now 12.1 inches) while the new First screens increase by 275% (now 15.4 inches)

A full timetable of British Airways’ flights to London and beyond is available online at – where customers can book, pay and check-in online for their flights.

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