Flight Pass Option (FPo)


Buy one Flight Pass. Fly many trips!

Air travel has been for too long, and still is, an impulsive one-time purchase often based upon the strongest influences at the booking moment. A slightly lower fare, a timing that seems thirty minutes more convenient, a new product, a new brand, a new gimmick. While Frequent Flyer Programs try to
address this, even that is not a given these days. Consider the Mobile Phone industry; how often does a subscriber switch providers? Rarely, if ever!

Imagine locking-in even part of such loyalty into the Airline business.

Imagine locking in your customers to blocks of 5, 10, 20 fights, or more! Imagine not having to win their custom and loyalty on a trip-by-trip basis! Imagine securing up-front revenues, improving cashflow. Well now you can, Optiontown has released its latest disruptive innovation, Flight Pass Option
(FPo). It helps in minimizing the cost, time and effort invested in the fight booking process.
The customer has the ability to book and lock in a price for a number of trips, on a single routing or, across a number of destinations, in peak or of-peak periods, or a combination of both. The customer can self select the lead-time for booking, the names of other passengers that might be included in the
agreement. In many cases, experience is showing us that customers self-select more open rules and greater freedom, which comes at a cost, but because they self-selected, they are happy with their decision and do not feel pressured.

The customer may then draw upon the booked fights according to the rules. If the customer needs to step outside the self-imposed rules, then a fee will apply, compensating the airline for the change and driving additional revenues from already purchased tickets.

Imagine for instance that a customer has booked fights from London to Paris and self selected a fifteen day advance notice period. The fight is paid for so there is no doubt in the customer’s mind as to which Airline they will travel with. But a need arises and the customer has to travel with only six days advance notice. A change fee is quoted at booking time of 43 EUR. The fight is already paid for, and now a small amount of only 43 EUR is payable, so the customer pays gladly and has the impression that it’s a good deal.
The perks and benefits of Flight Pass can be shared quite effortlessly. The pass comes with varying user-limit to ft in different group sizes. All the inclusive members can use as many fight credits as they want without any pre-fixed limit. Thus the product is currently being used by corporate and
business travelers, by FIT travelers who travel regularly to a few specific destinations, by families who have a second home and travel back and forth often, by the friends and relatives sector.

As with all Optiontown products, the look and feel of the web pages and emails are all totally customised to your own Airline branding, producing a seamless experience for your customers.
It is time for you to lock in customer loyalty, deliver customer convenience and upfront revenues.
Remove the risk associated with trip-by-trip purchasing. Optiontown has a proven track record and can guarantee results for you.

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