Barfield has its ANAC Certification renewed


Barfield, a Sabena technics company, initially received the ANAC Certification back in 2010

and is proud to announce that this certification has been renewed through October 2015.

The National Civil Aviation Agency created in 2006 is mainly responsible for matters related to civil

aircraft and its components, personnel licensing and operations in Brazil. This internationally

recognized certification for quality and management is a key asset to Barfield’s ability to provide a

larger footprint within the region.

Barfield first pursued and received ANAC Certification in 2010 based upon an analysis of the

Brazilian aviation market and its anticipated growth. Being granted this certification was in perfect

alignment with Barfield’s determination to strengthen its presence in the Brazilian aviation community.

“With this ANAC Certification, Barfield keeps the momentum in continuing to focus on its customers’

needs and growth opportunities.” said Frederic Denise, Barfield’s Chief Executive Officer.

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